Simplify your links. Track, manage and analyze links.

Use a short links on a webpage, in email or text message. Manage links onsite or via Url Shortener API.

Over 10'000 processed links. 500+ daily redirects.

Link management

Manage your links - redirect users to your long links. You long link can be up to 1000 characters long.


Lot's of statistic. Get to know your users. Where they are from, when and how they use your links.


Build-in scheduler. Change your links, publish new and delete any links with your own scheduler.

Mobile support

Different links for different devices. Redirect your mobile users to mobile pages.

Tag and track

Tag your links and track users. Ad your AdWords or Facebook tags and gather statistics. You can use your own tracking tags.

Password protected

Add a password to your links. Secure your redirects with password. A user must know a password to open a link.

Link expiration

Set the expiration of your links. And you can always activate them again.

Link rotation

You can rotate your destinations link in a scheduled manner or just add a bunch of links and system will redirect it to random one.


Use the power of API - short your link via API.

Never stop learning

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Keep moving forward

Continues improvement is our way of work. Every day we improve or tool.

Make something better

You can make a better products or just a different products than the other. We believe that our product is simply useful and helpful for the users.

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